Buffy the Animated Series Began as a spin-off cartoon project financed by Joss Whedon and Jane Espenson detailing new stories, heartbreak and action all captured in 2D Animation.

The Pilot of Which Became Cancelled and Unaired.

The Following Excert is the Fanonical Continuation of the wonderful show and the Main Page.


  • Buffy Summers
  • Willow Rosenberg
  • Alexander Harris
  • Anya Jenkins
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  • Angel
  • Rupert Giles
  • Cordelia Chase
  • Daniel Osbourne
  • Principle Snyder
  • The Menagerie
  • The Zookeeper
  • Galore
  • Dreamers
  • Urd
  • Skuld
  • Hanoch Colony
  • Lothos
  • The Master
  • Darla
  • Drusilla
  • Spike
  • Moonlight
  • Twilight
  • Glorificus
  • Doppleganger Willow
  • Doppleganger Xander
  • Dawn Summers
  • Potentials
  • The First
  • Ethan Rayne
  • Maggie Walsh
  • Adam
  • Riley Finn
  • Kennedy
  • Joyce Summers
  • Hank Summers
  • Elizabeth Summers
  • Celia
  • Jonathen
  • Andrew Warren
  • The Trio
  • Broken-Hearted
  • The Order of Aurellius


Season One:Edit


Buffy Anne Summers arrival in Sunnydale California didnt just result in the calling and idendification of her as the Chosen One or Sunnydale Slayer but the problems of those who touched her life from the natural to the Supernatural.

Overcoming Vampires, Demons, Love and War Buffy progressed on for the year of 1997 with more troubles than ever imagined.

A Day in the LifeEdit

Buffy Summers arrival in Sunnydale and loss of potential friend Jessie has scarred her future forever, but among that the Master Beneath channels the Hellmouth and unleashes a sordid vampire who suffered a great loss of a person highly resemblign Sunnydale's Fashion Consious Vampire Killer.


Buffy Summers deals witha new neighbour constantly surrounding her life and her mothers.

School progresses onward as the Annual Razorbacks Cheer Competition fast approaches and the former Vampire Varsity Football team searches for revenge on the young Cordelia Chase.

However beside the problems of this alarming dilemma Buffy lfinds herself at miniature height after discovering the dark secret behind her mysterious next door companion.

Lunch is RevoltingEdit

A shift int he weather, thunderstorms, earthquakes and Vampires! The Graveyard of Prescott Sunnydale has its encounter share witht the fanged and unfleshy zombies arriving but the problem lies with the mysteriously bad canteen food at Sunnydale California which has everyone a buzz, except for Buffy, Giles and Willow which has a very earthy twist.

The Back RoomEdit

Living life on the edge has never been this much fun as Buffy after a chance encounter with an overly tough vampire while on patrol Halloween night at Restfield Cemetary leaves her seriously injured and in medical care.

As she slowly recovers she learns of the rebellious group inhabiting the Back Room of the Bronze Nightclub and the feared fighters of the Sunnydale High School.

However instead of stopping the no-gooders she reluctantly joins and tastes the badside of life..and their bad affiliation.

A Stake to the HeartEdit

Buffy experiences love beside from the brooding Angel when a young biker from a distant town arrives in Sunnydale and takes an instant interest in the Summers Slayer.

However Buffy and her approving mother Joyce may be infatuated with the daring stranger Angel catches scent of the ominous threat lurking the charming stranger's promise.

I, InsectEdit

Buffy and her ailing mum Joyce deal with the problems of winter and fast approaching Christmas shopping.

Cards are shot left and right as is the swarming insects piling into Sunnydale.

However the Bug Zapper newly installed by Joyce Summers at the residence attracts more then your run of the mill buggy problems.

The Swollen BruiseEdit

Buffy is scraped in a confrontation with a new vampire twosome collectively known as the Dynamic Duo.

Her battle scars at the time seem not of worry but soon become draining and she is soon left powerless and unable to fight the dark forces of the night.

Her disease spreads across the school and soon all students of Sunnydale are left angry and hungry leaving an unexpected rescuer.

Bad BombEdit

Buffy deals with the forging of a new Order of Aurellius ready to take on the 21st Century.

Lead by the transforming strange vampire couple Malick and Scyllla an attack is lead upon the high school and the leaving a explosive surpise.

Slime in the SewersEdit

The sewers beneath Sunnydale High School is leaving all the construction and pipe workers in a sickened state while an ancient feeding demon is free to gain access to all the small children of Sunnydale Street Block and the small primary school.


Buffy contends with the surviving zombies of the Prescott Cemetary who have come under the leadership of a legendary monster and her secretive sister.

No AngelEdit

The Police Deparment of Sunnydale High School have hit a sudden winning streak.

All the crimes and criminals of the town are discovered by one extra-special sniffing dog.

However a vengeful Vampire Priest and his girlfriend of the night plot their revenge and the connection for all this lies with the bad angel.

Buffy and Amy Part IEdit

Witch Amy still grieves over the loss of her mother and lives in fear of her terrorfying dreams of her return for revenge.

Amy plans the Midnight Witching Hour in order to bestow her magical powers to the Sunnydale Slayer in return for the 24-Hour trip to eliminate all the oncoming forces of an angry mother and by the end eliminate her memory of the nights events.

Buffy and Amy Part IIEdit

Buffy awakes after the Midnight Witching Hour in her bed mindless to what has happened.

Giles Willow and Xander seek the help of a powerful psychic to revert her memory which upon completion she immediatley catches onto Amy having involvment in her memroy loss.

However the scret behind this will have to wait as Amy's still angry mother begins to surface back to Sunnydale.

The Turn of the TimeEdit

Buffy contends with the abduction of Willow Rosenberg at the hands of a time travellign vampire who senses her powerful future.

As he holds her captive in the great Clocktower of London in wait for the summoning his warlock partner Buffy and a team of Sunnydale High School Students plan a daring rescue.


Willow tries to help an ailing Buffy celebrate her birthday by taking her to see a renowed psychic in Sunnydale who later is discovered to be an impostor at the same times Buffy finds some interesting changes in herself.

Blood +Edit

A group of starving vampires in Sunnydale living in fear of the legend of the Sunnydale Slayer plan a secret mission to retrieve human blood without notice beginning with the large Blood Delivery Truck and the Sunnydale General Hospital where Willow happens to be in stay after a surprising injury.

The Annoited One and the SlayerEdit

A old nun leading a group of young succesors flee to Sunnydale from pursuing vampires and an ancient enemy: Lothos

Training With BuffyEdit

Buffy is being severly overworked in her trainings as a Slayer all of a sudden by a seemingly different Giles.

However the person working Buffy to death may not be her watcher at all.

Take a SwimEdit

Buffy contends with the Sunnydale Swim Team once again as they begin to attack those who are out at the Sunnydale Lake.

A Game to RememberEdit

Buffy realizes in time her affection for Angel who then begins to run away from her and has dissappeared fro Sunnydale.

Buffy in her misery finds solace in a member of the High School Razorbacks who seems to good to be true and invites her to see the final championship game

Havoc of the HanochEdit

Angel begins to deal with Real Estate Developers constantly vistiting in hope of procurring his property.

However upon fateful visit the entire party is taken hostage by a series of green gas spewing demons known as the Hanoch.

Here Lies Sarah CaldwellEdit

Buffy the Animated Series

Promotional artwork

Format Animated series


Created by Joss Whedon
Starring Giselle Loren

Alyson Hannigan Nicholas Brendon Anthony Stewart Head

Country of origin United States
No. of episodes Single 4-minute pilot
Six+ scripts completed but unproduced
Running time 4 minutes (pilot)
Original channel Fox (developed for)

Production detailsEdit

Development began on the show in 2001. Joss Whedon and Jeph Loeb were to be executive producers for the show, and most of the cast from Buffy would return to voice their characters. The series soon ran into problems. 20th Century Fox were going to produce the show, and it was initially planned that the show would air on Fox Kids, possibly as early as February 2002.[2] When Fox Kids ceased operations, Fox shopped it to other networks. When no network was willing to purchase the series, production halted.

Two years later, in 2004, Fox once again showed an interest in developing and selling the show to another network. Various key actors/actresses including Anthony Stewart Head, did voice work, and artwork was produced to make a four-minute presentation. That pilot was used to try to sell the series to a network. Once again no network was willing to take the risk of purchasing the show. Loeb explained that networks find the show difficult since it would be too adult to air with children's television, but not suitable to many people in a prime-time slot.

In a Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter on May 16, 2003, Whedon revealed: We just couldn't find a home for (it). We had a great animation director, great visuals, six or seven hilarious scripts from our own staff—and nobody wanted it. I was completely baffled. I felt like I was sitting there with bags of money and nobody would take them from me. It was a question of people either not wanting it or not being able to put up the money because it was not a cheap show. One thing I was very hard-line about was, I didn't want people to see it if it looked like crap. I wanted it to be on a level with Animaniacs or Batman: The Animated Series. And that's a little pricier. But I just don't think it's worth doing unless it's beautiful to look at as well as fun.[3]In an interview with TV Guide in September 2005, Whedon announced that that the series was effectively dead.

[edit] Writing and actingEdit

[edit] Writing staffEdit

  • Jeph Loeb said that the series would have begun with the episode, "A Day in the Life" for which the script was completed by Loeb with Joss Whedon which "introduces the characters, sets up their dynamics and the show's premise."[4]
  • Loeb mentioned that one of the episodes revolved around "Buffy getting her driver's license but dealing with a demon driver's ed teacher."[4]
  • Jane Espenson wrote three scripts for the show: One of which was called "The Back Room", one was called "Lunch is Revolting!", and another called "Teeny". "Teeny" would have been about a shrunken Buffy.[5]
  • Espenson revealed that "Steve DeKnight and Drew Greenberg wrote episodes, if I recall. And I believe Doug Petrie did too. I think there was a story set aside for Rebecca Kirshner that she never got to start." Joss Whedon and Jeph Loeb wrote the pilot. She said there had been eight scripts written in all, although two were incomplete.[5]

[edit] EpisodesEdit

Jeph Loeb revealed that there are thirteen scripts of the animated series.[6]

  • "A Day in the Life" (by Jeph Loeb and Joss Whedon)
  • "Teeny" (by Jane Espenson)
  • "Lunch is Revolting!" (by Jane Espenson)
  • "The Back Room" (by Jane Espenson)
  • Untitled completed episode script (by Steve DeKnight)
  • Untitled completed episode script (by Drew Greenberg)
  • Untitled completed episode script (by Doug Petrie)
  • Untitled unstarted episode script (story set aside for Rebecca Kirshner)

[edit] CastEdit

Sarah Michelle Gellar was not interested in returning to the role.[7] Giselle Loren had already voiced Buffy in the Buffy video games, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Chaos Bleeds.

[edit] LeakEdit

On August 1, 2008, the four minute unaired presentation was leaked online via YouTube.[8]

[edit] Support of members of the castEdit

On August 20, 2008, Nicholas Brendon said on his audiolog: I know that there's been talk about the Buffy Animated Series. Which we did, gosh, like, three years ago. You know, to be quite honest with you, I don't know why it didn't go further, but I know that there's been a lot of hububaloo on the old YouTube there, and I checked it out and I almost got a little teary. You know, I hadn't seen Xander in a while, and it was kind of neat to kind of go back into that library and that into life, and all that stuff. But, yeah. So, listen, I'll go on the record by saying I would love to do an animated series for Buffy. That being said, I might be the only one. But, I'm not sure. I haven't had a chance to talk to anybody about it. So, you know, keep your fingers crossed.[9]On August 26, 2008, Jeph Loeb declared in an interview to MTV: Everything still exists — the designs, the scripts. It's such a 'no-duh' project, so why the hell not? All you need is to draw it. Eight years ago, there was no fascination with Family Guy or Robot Chicken, but there's an audience now that could drive to it. You can't stand in the way of pop culture.[10]==[edit] Quotes== Jane Espenson has revealed only two short extracts from the scripts on her website:

Buffy realizes she's eaten her Mother's breakfast by mistake. She holds up the last bite of bagel and, instead of saying, "there's a bite left," she says:
There's a remnant.
Buffy has just inappropriately used her Slayer-Strength on the volleyball court, so she vows to restrain herself:
Sure. Okay. I can hold back. Call me Dairy Queen, 'cuz here comes a soft serve.
Sorry, that was kinda lame.

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[edit] ReferencesEdit

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