The Beckyverse called after Becky Shepherd, who is the protagonist and main introduced character of the screenplay Buffy: a Few Good Slayers, is a world created by Shlomi Fish. In the Beckyverse, Faith saved the day at the last minute, and eventually joined the Scooby Gang, and they all ended up more empowered and happier.

The Beckyverse is a parallel world to the Selinaverse that was also created by Shlomi Fish.

Some of the highlights of the Beckyverse are:

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (= "SMG") was not born in the Beckyverse, and instead wikipedia:Natalia Portman was the "Alpha Female" of the Web 1.0 age (And a little later).
  • Portman’s reign as Alpha Female ended after her playing the titular role in the highly acclaimed 2001/2002 mini-series show Sarah the Vampire Slayer, which was produced by Joss Whedon who until then was primarily known for Firefly.
    • The show was inspired by Buffy’s life and imagination, where she believed she has a kindred spirit and alter-ego called Sarah, who is an ethnic American Jew and was the alpha female at one time. This turns out to be none other than the SMG from the Selinaversa.
  • Several other real-life personas such as Chuck Norris, Summmer Glau, Emma Watson, and Shlomi Fish (= the creator of the Beckyverse, the Selinaverse, and the author of the screenplay) himself are referenced or are featured in the story.

Slaying, Witchcraft and Watching in the Beckyverse Edit