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Doyle Investigations is a spin-off television series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer taking place in the Wishverse reality in the same timeline as Cordelia The Vampire Slayer. It Stars Glenn Quinn in the reprisal role as Francis Doyle in the action television series which sees him team up with on the run rogue slayer Faith Lehane and her pursuing by the book watcher Wesley..

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Witches & Sorceresses
Doyle Investigations
  • City Of Doyle
  • Deceiver and Deceived
  • Third Time Unlucky
  • Faith The Exotic Dancer
  • Vampires, Served Cold
  • Past Lives
  • Skin Deep
  • Lightning Lover
  • Evidence Of The Things Not Seen Part 1
  • Ghosts Part 2
  • Hall Of Mirrors Part 3
  • Christmas Spirit

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