Shlomi Fish is an amateur/hobbyist Internet writer, philosopher, and entertainer, who is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has written the following pieces of Buffy fan fiction:

Both of these are part of what he nicknamed as “The Selinaverse” (after the first name of the protagonist of one of his screenplays), which is the world created by Mr. Fish that crosses the Star Trek universe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alexandre Dumas pere's The Three Muskeeters, many elements from Judaism, and many other elements.

  • The Human Hacking Field Guide - not fanfiction per-ce, and realism (set in 2005 Los Angeles) that emulates a typical teen story, but the two main characters are inspired by those of Faith (Eve “Erisa” Siegel) and Buffy Summers (Jennifer Raymond).
  • Buffy: a Few Good Slayers - set in the Beckyverse, which is a forked version of the Buffyverse starting from the end of the third season where Faith saves the day at the last minute and everyone ends up happier. Until 2014/2015 (present day) when they need to deal with a multitude of problems including a sudden, suspicious rise in Demonic activity.

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